We will be updating the timetable as new adventures are confirmed. The timetable may differ slightly to actual proceedings.

May 31st

TimeHot Spring (old main) Street Stage
18:00Event Start
Local DJ's
19:00"The world of adventure racing"
Talk show with Japan team captain Tanaka Masato
20:00GoPro Film Festival
22:00Event close (surrounding local bars still open)

May 30th

TimeRiver stageMain stageNight Stage
8:30Sign up for athletes
9:00Opening ceremony
Event info
9:30Dog show
10:00Sup down river
10:30Kayak time trials
11:00Slackline show
11:30Kayak crossMTB standing competition
12:00Kayak cross
12:30Soca fitness
13:00MTB Trials show
13:30Wave surfing contest
14:00Wave surfing contestMTB balance competition
14:30Wave surfing session
15:00Wave surfing session
15:30Dog show
16:00MTB trial show and slackline show
16:30WATER GAMES, Naramata Sky Run awards ceremony
17:00Night Event Start
17:30Local DJ's
18:00Event Start
18:30Local DJ
Adventure race awards ceremony
19:00MTB Trials show

May 31st

TimeRiver stageMain stage
9:00Pro athlete sign upOpen and info
9:30WATER GAMES info
10:00SUP Downriver
10:30SUP Downriver
11:00KAYAK time trialMTB standing competition
11:30Dog show
12:00River exhibitionMTB trials show
12:30Slackline show
13:00SUP/KAYAK Cross
13:30SUP/KAYAK Cross
14:00SUP/KAYAK CrossMTB balance competition
14:30Wave surfing contest
15:00Wave surfing contest
15:30Wave surfing sessionMTB trial show and Slackline show
16:00Awards ceremony
16:30Dog show
17:00Event closing ceremony